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Heathkit C3 Condenser Checker – How it works

The circuit description in the C3 manual does not go into many details about how the circuit works.  Although the circuit diagram is not drawn in the familiar layout for one, it may be traced out to arrive at a reasonable resemblance to a wheatstone bridge circuit. (credit diagram below to

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Heathkit C3 Capacitance Checker Evaluation

In my previous post, I mentioned that the previous owner of the C3 Capacitance Checker had indicated that it had been rebuilt, and that it works.  I decided to take a look inside to see what had been done before powering it up on the bench for evaluation.

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2017 Superstition Hamfest Haul

The Superstion Hamfest had a very nice turnout this year, with seemingly quite a bit more used equipment for sale than the past few years.  I found a few bargains to add to my test bench. The first find was a Heathkit C3 Capacitor Tester.  I’ve been looking for an old style cap checker with […]

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Measuring Impedance

I saw a video today from one of the Youtube members that I subscribe to: Kevin Loughin KB9RLW.  In the video he was demonstrating how to use an oscilloscope and a signal generator to measure the impedance of a circuit ( in this case, it was simply a toroid coil).  The process made sense, but […]

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8640b Power Supply Repair

Early in the repair cycle of the 8640b, when I had just finished the brass gearset installation, I ran into a problem during the first power up after reinstallation of the deviation and range module.  When I powered up the unit, I saw a flash from under the main board, and the unit came up […]

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