I took the two grandsons up to the Ranch in mid-June to help with construction of the 43′ vertical tilt-over support.

The idea is to be able to easily tilt the vertical down to a “stowed” position before I leave for an extended period of time.
It shouldn’t hurt to have that capability in case of thunderstorms, as well.

Basically, we modified the 4×4 post that the vertical was attached to last year.  We now have the vertical attached to a 2×4 pressure treated 8′ board.  This board is hinged near the top of the 4×4, so when the vertical is tilted down, it is still above the heads of most of the cattle around the ranch.

Vertical in stowed position

The bottom of the 2×4 also has a bolt that goes through the 4×4 to hold it in an upright position.

Vertical in the upright position

Upright Vertical

To get to this point, we had to dig two new holes and plant 2 new 4×4 posts to support the vertical in the stowed position.

Hole for post

Post Hole

43′ Vertical Antenna Construction – Pt 1

43′ Vertical Antenna Construction – Pt 2

43′ Vertical – Part 3

43′ Vertical – Part 4

New Etching Solution

43′ Vertical – Part 5 – Matching Network

Field Day 2010 – Preparations

Field Day 2010 – Preparations Part 2

43′ Vertical Matching Network Debugging

43′ Vertical Matching Network Debugging – con’t

T-Bias interface

Choke Self-Resonance

Tilt-Over Support for 43′ Vertical

43′ Vertical Final Tuning

43′ Vertical Final Install Pictures