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Tilt-Over Support for 43′ Vertical

I took the two grandsons up to the Ranch in mid-June to help with construction of the 43′ vertical tilt-over support. The idea is to be able to easily tilt the vertical down to a “stowed” position before I leave for an extended period of time. It shouldn’t hurt to have that capability in case […]

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T-Bias interface

I had a comment a few weeks ago asking for more details about the T-Bias device used to send DC over the active RF coax to my 43′ vertical antenna. This is used to switch the matching network such that: 0 volts = 60 – 6 meter operation +12 volts = 80 meter operation -12 […]

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Quick Disconnect for Doublet Antenna

To finish the job we started in January, I got a 2″x4″ weathertight plastic electrical box from Home Depot.  This was used to mount a permanent set of banana jacks to the house so the doublet could be quickly attached or detached.

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Doublet Maintenance at the Ranch

John, his son Dan and I met up at the Ranch in late December as they were passing through on the way to California.  When we arrived on Friday afternoon, it was apparent that the 135′ doublet antenna had broken away from the mast on the west end.  We had used some Blue and White rope […]

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43′ Vertical Matching Network Debugging – con’t

I got the matching network back on the bench tonight.  I started by confirming that the Unun leads are as I expected. I hooked a 220 ohm resistor across what I thought was the high impedance side, and connected the Rx Noise Bridge across the low impedance side.  I read very close to 50 ohms […]

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